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Springfest – the beer competition results

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The first annual Springfest brew competition was definately a resounding success.

We were lucky enough to be treated to 4 separate and very different brews, 3 of which were competing and the fourth? The fourth was the first bottle of my elderflower champers which we thought we’d have a small sample of and I’m quite pleased. It turned out really lovely.


But more about that another time.

Our fabulous brewers treated us to 3 fantastic brews, each very different and each very representative of the brewers who made them.

The judging was carried out by scoring each brew based on:
appearance, flavour, aroma and overall drinkability with everyone joining in on the judging and generally enjoying tasting all the different drinks on offer.

When the scores were counted, the results were.

  1. Karma Citra – a massive 10% abv IPA style citra beer by Kate of Hodgeheg home brewery
  2. Ubhal-Brigh – a fantastically summery, elderflower cider by Valerie and Dave of Black Cat home brewery
  3. Redrum red ale – a cherry wood aged red ale by Luke of Mole End home brewery.

The night was great fun and all the brewers have vowed to submit another brew next year.  Look out as Hayley has promised an entry too.

Maybe it was the fantasic medals the guys got their hands on. They are fantastic “beer ranger” metal police style badges from


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