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Sprinkling a little holiday magic


Firstly, this isn’t going to be one of those blog posts that forces photos of Christmas trees and decorations at you in November, I promise. However I am going to let you into one of my little Christmas secrets. Are you ready?

I love Christmas in a big way but Christmas fabulousness doesn’t just happen, it takes a splash of planning, a pinch of craftiness and a sprinkling of Christmas elf magic. (I’m the Christmas elf by the way – at least that’s what Kate and some of our friends call me because I love Christmas so much).

I can’t help it, I absolutely love Christmas. I look forward to it from the minute the weather starts to change.

Now I should maybe explain something because I know it could be a little bit of a confusing statement for me to talk about how much I love Christmas, given that I am an atheist. I am not going to get into all those arguments about Christmas and whether or not all the things we associate with it are from one religion or another or where our traditions come from. If you are looking for that kind of debate come see me at work and I’ll pass you onto some academics who could debate with you all day. Simply, for me, Christmas is a tradition of the nation I grew up in, part of the culture of my social group. I don’t celebrate it as a religious holiday, just as a fun time of year.

However it has changed a little over the years and for me Christmas is “the holidays”.

I know – how very American, I’m not going to apologise for it. I love it and it gives me much pleasure. So there.

So what is it about the holidays? Well it’s the traditional turkey dinner, the decorating the house with greens and reds and holly and sparkles and it’s giving presents to people you love and most of all, it’s family and friends. Christmas for me is about spending time with the people I love, sharing that day and all the cooking and fun with someone or some ones that you love. Everything else is dressing up.

For me the holidays start at Mole End. Mole End is a little cottage in Fala ( a tiny village 12 miles from us) where our friends Hayley and Luke live with our two favourite nephews Orran and Innes and every year we go to Moleend to celebrate thanksgiving (Luke is one of our American friends).

So each year we count down to thanksgiving, we make pumpkin beer to take and Luke and Hayley put on the most amazing spread of food and Valerie makes pumpkin pie and sometimes Luke’s mum visits and makes Cat Yak….I’m so going to get her to blog that recipe

So that is the start of our holiday season. It’s followed by trips to the German market in Edinburgh on the first weekend of December where we drink gluhwein and eat bratwurst and every year we take a photo of my silly hat for that season (I love hats). Then there’s the decorating the house and putting up the tree with Christmas music playing and more mulled drinks of some description and throughout the week before Christmas there’s hot chocolate and mince pies.

Ok so as usual I’ve got side tracked. Let’s get back to the point of this blog post – preparing for the holidays.

I’m not going to reveal too much just now, as that would spoil the fun, but in the next month or so we’ll post a few blogs with the bits and pieces we are doing in preparation for things and we’ll also let you in on some of the fun we’ll be having with our friends. If you are lucky, Luke might post a blog about his thanksgiving preparations and we’ll link to it here so you can enjoy it.

So look out for blogs on decorating the house and tree, making our own Christmas crafties, cooking, the pumpkin beer, and if I can get Kate out the house for long enough, I’m going to dress the cats up in Christmas costumes and take photos mwah ha ha ha ha.

Just as a wee taster to keep you wanting more, we started yesterday. Our magnolia living room now has a wee touch of Christmas colour about it to help make it all come together.




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