Starting over, getting ready for spring 2016


Well we managed to get started last weekend despite all the set backs. The biggest and scariest job for me, cleaning the greenhouse, has been done and now Kate is contemplating the biggest and most exhausting job for her, the lawn.

The greenhouse

The only down side to the greenhouse is that it gets pretty disgusting over the winter, more so because it’s poly-carbonate I think.

The roof panels are corrugated, letting water in which then builds up at the join with the bottom of the roof. This means we get a build up of what can only be described as yuk over the year. Each year, this needs to be cleaned before the greenhouse gets used again for spring planting.

Greenhouse gunk

It’s not an easy job as the yuk is actually not just on the outside, but most of it is actually on the inside of the corrugated (corrugation is that even a word) channels. Basically it requires taking the greenhouse apart and blasting these channels with the hose, and then some serious scrubbing with disinfectant.

Of course this means emptying the contents of the greenhouse too. Kate gets quite jittery when the lawn is covered in my junk. I think she took this photo as evidence of the amount of nonsense I keep “just in case”.

Greenhouse mayhem

So once I’ve strewn my junk all over the lawn, freaked Kate out and taken the panels out, there’s nothing left to it but to scrub.

It’s never a task I look forward to as it’s always freezing on the days when we decide we’re going to get the greenhouse done. Surely there’s a way to just do this in summer, no?

Check me out. Rocking the rubber gloves!

Rocking the rubber glovez

It’s always a good feeling though, the panels are all clean and back in place, any clips that were lost to the winds are replaced, everything inside has been cleaned and it’s had a good old brush. It’s nice to get it all set up and ready to go.


As always, the very last job I do after everything is cleaned is to replace my little sign that hangs on the front. It was a bit of a silly present from Kate last year, but as always happens when Kate buys me something that she thinks is daft, it’s usually my favourite thing. This little sign has become that. It’s my symbol of everything that is fantastic about our garden and I’m just not ready to get going until it’s hanging on the front of the greenhouse. It says “All you need is love, tea and gardening.”

love, tea and gardening




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