Your local bike shop – customer service, it’s more important than deals


I thought I’d take some time just to do a shout out about some amazing customer service I received today.

Although the new bike has “puncture resistant” tyres on it, I’m getting sick of dealing with punctures in the dark and in the rain. Really hacked off with it now. I swear those tyres are glass magnets!  I had intended to switch out my tyres after winter and go back to the old thin road bike tyres I used on my last bike but the recent spate of punctures has meant that I’ve escalated that plan.

I have used Continental Touring Plus tyres for 3 or 4 years now and NEVER had a puncture. So I’ve gone back to them. They are really hard-wearing and take some real punishment. However… they are REALLY sturdy and getting them on and off the wheels is a major challenge for little old me and by challenge I mean IMPOSSIBLE!

So today I popped into the bike shop (Edinburgh Bicycle Coop in Cannonmills) unannounced to buy some new tyres and the lovely guy in the shop spend 40 minute fighting with them and getting seriously muddy and oily (have you seen the Scottish weather just now) so I didn’t have to. How cool is that?

So I just thought I’d shout out cause I have always had fantastic and supportive customer service from the guys in the bike coop and that keeps me as a customer even when the other shops are doing fancy deals.

Thanks guys!