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Keeping Elderflower Champagne – part three

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Back in March 2014, I posted a blog about making Elderflower Champagne, giving my recipe and instructions for making your own. This was one of the most popular blog posts we’ve written and we are still getting emails from readers about it now. Making elderflower champagne Then I followed that […]

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Me on the Edinburgh Brewing Podcast


Today saw the release of a podcast where Morag from the Edinburgh Brewing Podcast interviewed me about all things beery. It’s the first time I’ve been interviewed for a podcast so I was quite nervous (which comes across a little I think), but it was fantastic fun and of course, […]

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Brew Barrel Review Part 2


If you have been following this blog you’ll have seen me testing out a Brew Barrel beer kit last week and having a go at making some beer and I guess you want to know how it went? If you haven’t seen part 1, you can see it here: http://www.eliapplebydonald.co.uk/blog/brew-barrel-reviewing-a-beer-kit/ General […]