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compost from the hotbin

At last, success with my hotbin composter


At last, I can truly celebrate success with my hotbin composter. It’s taken a while but finally I am seeing my hard work pay off and I’m getting some lovely usable compost. You guys have been with me on this journey as I’ve battled to get the ratios right, the […]

Compost sieve

Compost, how to use it and when to sieve it


If you haven’t been following our adventure with composting over the past few years you won’t know that we started off with the big, standard type compost pile at the back of the garden (build from odds and ends of wood) and are now using a swanky hotbin composter. But fear […]

Garden, Review

The Hotbin Composter, a midway review


Compost, compost, compost. It’s really useful stuff and coming up to the big spring planting we are going to need a lot of it. So the perfect time to give you another chance to peek into our experience of the hotbin composter. We did a small update a few weeks […]