Did the copper tape defeat the slugs and save my strawberries?

You betcha!

So… strawberries, slugs, copper tape.

I promised you an update after I put copper tape around the raised bed with the strawberries growing in it, hoping it would deter the slugs from eating all my strawberries like in previous years.
Well I am pleased to say it definitely works. Definitely.

Last year we maybe got one bowl of strawberries for the entire season, a bit disappointment because the year before we’d gotten loads. Well this Wimbledon finals day, we had enough strawberries for 3 massive portions and we’d already had 5 or 6 portions in the weeks leading up to the final. All eaten with cream of course.

So we’re looking forward to lots more strawberries but now that the slugs are under control, another pest has become more obvious… the starlings. They are eating the strawberries through my netting. Need a new plan 🙂



A busy weekend in the garden. Quadgrow, tomatoes and the war on slugs.

I’ve had a busy weekend in the garden this week, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to give you a very quick update on how things are going with the new quadgrow system.

I installed it in the greenhouse about 3 or 4 weeks ago and planted up my baby tomato plants. What a difference in them now. They are huge and covered in little yellow flowers which means I’ll have tomatoes soon.

As I had hoped, the water reservoir seems to be doing its thing, I haven’t had to water the tomatoes at all since I installed things, they have been surviving/flourishing on the water and feed in the reservoir so I am very hopeful that this will mean the tomatoes are much healthier this year as they will be getting a consistent amount of water and food.

I recorded a wee video to show how well things are doing.

I also began my battle with the slugs this year. Last year, although our strawberry output was fantastic, we actually got very little of them because something else was having a good old nibble on almost every one of them.

I thought the problem had been slaters, as every strawberry was fine and plumptious on top, but underneath was eaten away and full of slaters, but a bit of a chat with some gardeners who are more experienced on these things felt it was more likely that slugs were eating the strawberries and the slaters were just taking advantage of the soft open fruit the slugs had left.

So, this weekend I installed some copper tape right around the strawberry bed in the hope that it will deter slugs.

Hopefully come Wimbledon finals day I can update you on the mountain of strawberries we’ve had to eat.