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Making paper pots for your seedlings

There is one big task I now do every year, it’s not fun and it’s quite time-consuming and that is to make all the little pots I need to plant the greenhouse seeds and flowers for the year. We used to just use standard plastic flower pots for this, but […]

Garden DIY – we put up a new fence

Ok we didn’t really put up a whole new fence, but we did kind of embellish what we had. For reasons we don’t know, one side of our garden had a low fence, whilst everywhere else in the neighbourhood has higher fences. Doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, […]

Spring has sprung

Well I took a picture of our first winter flower and here is our first spring flower. Those who know me know that I suffer quite badly from what is apparently called S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder. I’m not one for labeling but it means that I can get quite […]