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Stop leggy basil plants


It’s brilliant having fresh herbs when you are cooking (or making a wee cocktail), so obviously we want to make that brilliantness last as long as possible 🙂 That’s where some clever “pruning” and some propagation come in. Whether you’re growing herbs along with me or you have bought some […]


The garden in April, let’s go for a walk


April has seen sun, showers and wind, making for an interesting month in the garden. We’re also full into lockdown now, so it’s difficult to get plants and seeds at the moment (and even those you do get don’t always survive the slightly longer delivery times). So this month has […]


How to keep shop-bought herbs alive


I refer to the herb plants from our supermarkets as a gateway drug, because let’s be honest, for an awful lot of people, it’s the first baby steps they make towards gardening. Fresh herbs for cooking is one of the grow your own adventures most of us go on, and […]

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Lunch for the aged parents


Kate’s mum and dad are visiting for lunch today so we thought we’d treat them to some garden delights (since they are blog fans). So today’s lunch will be stuffed chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham with baby carrots, sautĂ©ed potatoes and asparagus (asparagus not from the garden). So pictures? […]