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Brew Barrel Review Part 2


If you have been following this blog you’ll have seen me testing out a Brew Barrel beer kit last week and having a go at making some beer and I guess you want to know how it went? If you haven’t seen part 1, you can see it here: http://www.eliapplebydonald.co.uk/blog/brew-barrel-reviewing-a-beer-kit/ General […]

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Building a party bar


Any home brewer who says they wouldn’t love a bar to pour their beer from is quite frankly a big fat liar. So we finally gave into the desire  and had a go at building our own party bar to serve beer from and forgive me for being smug, but […]

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Brewing up a bride ale

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Firstly I should probably do the announcement, Kate and I are getting married. Letting you in on that little secret might explain the rest of this post :0) If you’ve read my previous post which talks about the history of women and brewing a lot of today’s post will be […]

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Learn to homebrew day – 5th November

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The American Homebrew Association (of which I am a member) has declared the 5th of November as “Learn to homebrew day” formerly known as “teach a friend to homebrew day” so in the spirit of things, let me tell you about a fabulous first homebrew session we had with the […]