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Brisket and onions in the slow cooker

It’s dark and cold and the snow has just started falling in Edinburgh so it’s definitely time for some “proper stodge”. You know, the warming, comfort food that is described as “sticks to your ribs”. That’s the stuff I’m talking about. One of our favourite comfort foods is Kate’s slow […]

Oat breakfast bar treats

Our oaty breakfast bars are perfect as my energy boosting breakfast after my morning cycle. They started life as the Peanut butter booster bars from River Cottage but I have tweaked these so that they are more like a flapjacks and filled with the things I like. The oats help […]

second rise - rolls

Morning Rolls – fire them how you like

I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and like everyone else around me I absolutely love a bacon and scone roll in the morning. Now that doesn’t seem like a hugely political statement, but trust me, as you are reading this, some folk are scoffing at their computer screens because I […]

Thanksgiving/Harvest/Chanukka/Winterfest – let’s celebrate at Mole End

Thanksgiving is a national holiday and day of celebration in America and Canada (although not on the same day). Although there is some controversy over the “truth” of the thanksgiving tradition, the story behind the celebration is that we are remembering the indigenous people’s welcome and support for the first European […]

Harvesting beetroot and making a tart

Beetroot tart has become a favourite of ours since we started growing our own beetroot. It’s a bit surprising to the uninitiated just how sweet beetroot can be, mostly I think because they’ve only tried the pickled beetroot from jars and just assume this is what beetroot actually tastes like. […]