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The Christmas elf let loose at Ar Bruadair


IMAG1872-1I love the holidays!

It’s getting closer to Christmas day and the house is decorated, the tree looks stunning and ’we’ve crafted our little fingers to stumps. The mince pies and hot chocolate are accompanying the Christmas movies. Life is good.

So as promised you’ve had little insights here and there into how we get ready for Christmas at Ar Bruadair and I suppose it’s only fair that we now do the big reveal and you can see how it has all come together.

So what have we done? Well you’ve already seen the Christmas wreath that Kate made and the Christmas pictures that I made. For any of you out there who are thinking they’d like to have a go at making some stuff but it looks a bit complicated. Give it a try. It’s way easier than you think. Even we managed.

BannerWe also have a banner where the fireplace would be which we bought from Etsy – again someone has taken the time to make it and it’s gorgeous. I’ll add a link to their Etsy shop at the bottom of this post if you want to check it out.

We’ve added little bits and pieces around the living room, little snowmen and Santas sitting on shelves and tables.IMAG1878

We also have some funny little reindeer that we put up every year. I actually got these from a pound store in Glasgow but we absolutely love them. They look like something from “cat in a hat”, just something fun and silly about them and they look great.IMAG1846 (1)

Kate also made a wreath for the inside of the house. I hadn’t noticed but she stuck little hedgehogs on it to make it completely “us”.  If you don’t know the relevance of hedgehogs to Ar Bruadair then read a few of the older posts.


So I suppose that’s enough of teasing you with the little things, you want to see a big picture of the living room now don’t you? You really want to see the whole thing don’t you?

You probably want a before and after as well?

Well here you go what a little bit of imagination and silliness can do to Christmas up your house.


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