The showerless commute – result

I gave the showerless commute a try last week and promised an update to let you know how I got on. I’m glad to say, a success and I will be a showerless commuter from now on.

My routine is that I get to work, clean up with baby wipes, perfume deodorant, the usual,  then get changed into clean work clothes. All in all it saves me about half an hour in the morning that I can use for other things. Unfortunately, that is added on in the evening when I shower before bed, to make sure I am clean for the next day. My wife is also a cycle commuter and doesn’t shower so there is a bit of a traffic jam waiting for the shower at night but hey we’ll cope.

Feeling clean and fresh after my commute

All in all I’m very happy, no pongy, sweaty smells and I don’t feel like a yuck monster. I think the baby wipes are the way to go.


  • Morning activites: just the commute and breakfast
  • Time saved: 30 minutes
  • Smell rating: 2 out of 10 (on Friday afternoon after a busy day)

A success.


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