The tattie harvest


wpid-IMAG0931-1An other exciting day here at Ar Bruadair as we turn out the tattie bags and enjoy our harvest. (For our friends in other parts like The Soulsby Farm. Tattie is what we call potato in Scotland. It comes from the gaelic buntata.)

We hadn’t originally intended to plant tatties as we don’t use them all that much, but our friend Luke gave us some of his chittings so we thought why not give it a go.

We planted up the Arran Victories which are a native Scottish variety and some Maris Pipers and wondered what would happen.

I should probably tell you about the fun of planting them… As I said, we hadn’t intended to plant any tatties so we hadn’t done any research. I stood in the garden for a good ten mins trying to work out which way up they went. Thank the Great Geek for smart phones, Google and a Wi-Fi signal that reaches my greenhouse.

Anyway once that was worked out, we planted them in the Tatties bags and waited.


You will have seen the growth of the plants through other blog posts and seen just how big the tattie plants got so the next photo of trying to turn them out should raise a small smile.

I decided that the best thing was to cut off the foliage and then turn the bags upside down. (Mostly cause these wasn’t a hope in hell that I’d be able to pick them up).

So what kind of harvest did we get?

Not a bad one… Two piles of tatties from two plants.



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