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Today we are going to chill out and not do anything….


Yeah that plan didn’t work.

Today was going to be a day of relaxation, maybe do some shopping but nothing major. That lasted about an hour and we were back at it.

I guess we just aren’t good at sitting around doing nothing. We managed breakfast and some TV but then we were getting twitchy and before we knew it….

Eli was planting beetroot and Kate was drawing sketches of how the front garden was going to be and writing lists of what we needed. Then, the chalk came out and we were drawing our plans onto the monoblock.


First thing to check out was how difficult it was going to be to lift the monoblock. If that was going to be a nightmare job, then plans were going to have to be scaled down somewhat. Luckily though, it came up really easily.

We know cause once we had a list, things progressed to … “let’s just see….”

So we find ourselves standing in the front garden, with muddy hands and a big hole in the ground. OOPS!

Off to B&Q AGAIN!

So home from B&Q with soil and plants and the end result…




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