Winter is coming…


Today was a little bit sad to start with.

It’s that time of year, the garden is starting to look a bit bare as things are dying back and it all just looks so different from the green oasis it was just a few months ago.

It hit me hardest as I began the autumn clean out of the green house, picking any of the tomatoes that were usable before disposing of this year’s plants and spent soil.

These are still a few things going, but it’s just not the same so I let myself get a little blue.


However, just when I needed it, there was a small pink reminder of the year to come in the form of a tiny cyclamen flower.

The cyclamen were the first flowers we planted in February last year and were the very beginning of our garden, so it was really appropriate that this little flower popped up to remind me that this isn’t the end, but a new year.wpid-IMAG1041-150x150

So greenhouse a lot more empty for the winter, I turned my focus on planning for next year. But first we needed some sustenance… And this came in the form of homemade rye bread, homemade mushroom burgers with some tomatoes and salad from the garden… That chased away the blues. (Watch out for the recipe for the mushroom burgers)

So next year… Well we’ve learned a lot this year and we’re facing the coming year with a lot more confidence than we started. The main lesson I have learned has to be not to over plant. I don’t want an other year of trying to find homes for plants I didn’t expect to take so well :0)

Kate’s lesson learned… “I’m not 21 anymore. Take it easy!”. The poor soul is still suffering from that first weekend of madness when we over did the garden work.

So back to our seed catalogues, well we decided we are going to plant the things which we enjoyed eating most, so carrots, beetroot, radishes, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes and we are going to try broccoli and sprouts as our new veggies for the year. (My plan for Christmas next year… Yay sprouts.)

Next year we are also going to create some new flower beds, but more about that later.







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