youtube, the blog and our community – changes

Day by day we are seeing the blog become more popular and more and more of you are getting in touch with your amazing stories and interesting questions. It’s been so much fun sharing our adventures with you all over the last few years but due to the size of this community, we have had to make some small changes. Nothing scary, don’t worry.

As I mentioned, the blog is growing daily but so is our youtube channel so we thought it was time to get organised and make sure it is easy for everyone to find the content they were looking for.

Originally, our youtube channel wasn’t a channel, it was just a place to make videos available so that we could share them here, but it grew and grew and now it even has its own following separate from this blog. So with that thought, we have decided it was time to separate out the videos into separate channels to make life a little easier for our viewers and readers and also to make it a lot easier for us too when we are chatting with you all.

So with no more waffling, the channel address to visit should you wish to find our videos on …

click to visit our youtube channel
Click to visit our channel
click to visit our channel







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