bike advice

Winter cycling for the newly converted.

Most folks seem to have come back to work today after the winter break and I’m wondering how many of the shiny bikes in the rack belong to new cyclists who made a new year’s resolution to get fit, get healthy or lose weight? It can’t be the most fun part […]

Cyclescheme – so how much have I saved?

Well folks I’ve now been using my new bike for just under a month, racked up 235 miles and made my first payment and I have to say, my entire experience of cyclescheme has been a positive one. I am happy to admit, for those of you who haven’t realised […]

Cyclescheme – an update

Well I expected to be writing more update blog posts if I’m honest but here we go. I have my new bike, already. I got a Whyte Portobello and mudguards. I applied to join the cyclescheme on the 20th July, got my approval on the 21st and was told it […]

Bike luggage – an update for you. Panniers.

Well as you know from my previous post:Bike luggage – or carrying stuff on your bike, I am now enjoying the life as a leisure cyclist commuting on a traffic free route. Part of that has been my change in how I use the bike, a change in attitude towards […]