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How to fix a puncture

I’ve been enjoying having my cycle buddy back over the last month. Kate now meets me most nights when I’m on my way home from work and we cycle home together. This does mean though that she’s now had her first puncture – BOO! ¬†And from that I learned a […]

Cycling apps – a fun review not a technical one

I’ve been trying out a few cycle apps recently and thought I’d share some of my findings in case anyone else was thinking of giving them a try. Now this isn’t going to be really technical. I’ll just tell you about my personal experience with the apps on my android […]

National cycle to work day – 4th Sept 2014

It’s apparently national cycle to work day in a couple of weeks so I thought I’d give some advice to anyone considering the two wheel commute. What do you need So first things first, what do you need to be able to cycle to work, well a bike, obviously and […]