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The dark path – an update

OK guys, I’m not going to get over excited about this because I’ve been promised fixes and let down before but… Latest contact from East Lothian Council is… “To further update you, the Council have been working to restore the vandalised units by securing doors and replacing stolen batteries.  However, […]

Pitch black path – an update

Back in November I wrote about the state of the cycle path in Musselburgh and of how it had been left with no lights for the past few years due to it being “not economical” to fix the lights. At the time of writing that blog post, I also contacted […]

National cycle to work day – 4th Sept 2014

It’s apparently national cycle to work day in a couple of weeks so I thought I’d give some advice to anyone considering the two wheel commute. What do you need So first things first, what do you need to be able to cycle to work, well a bike, obviously and […]

What it feels like to cycle

A friend recently posted this picture on his facebook and blog talking about how amazing he feels when he is out on his bike and I have been meaning to do something similar for a while but never got round to it. As you know, I’ve recently switched from cycling […]

The new cycle to work – the innocent cycle path

I promised an update of my cycle to work so I guess I should oblige. For years I have been a road cyclist. I’ve used cycle paths maybe a handful of times, always finding them crowded with too many dog which are off the leash, unmaintained, littered with glass and […]