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2016 review: Quadgrow, would I recommend it?


That’s the tomato growing season come to an end here at At Bruidair and so the green house has been cleaned up for winter. Those who have been following my adventure with the new watering system may be wondering what my final thoughts were, would I recommend it, was I happy with it, are there any flaws? We’ll just for you guys, here is my end of season review.

Would I recommend it? Hell yes.

I am thoroughly happy with the Quadgrow system. It did exactly what it said on the tin. The watering was much more evenly dispersed meaning I didn’t get any split tomatoes at all. In previous years this was a common occurrence. Also although I didn’t notice the plants being overladen with fruit, (there had been other people claiming to have doubled their yield) I did actually get more tomatoes than previous years. The system seemed to have extended the growing season and I actually took my last tomatoes from the plants in mid October. Normally by then there nothing but green tomatoes.

Trying to think of downsides and I can’t really think of any, it worked really well. There was one or two things it may be good for potential buyers to know about though:

1. the feeder mats – the plant roots grew through and around these mats meaning they are one time use only. You can buy replacements though.

2. when it came time to clean up, I was in for a surprise. Slugmageddon! Although I had no evidence at all of slugs actually causing damage, I was randomly finding slug trail and wondering why, for the first time I seemed to have slugs in the greenhouse. The explanation came when I opened things up to clean it. The underside of the pots and Quadgrow lid we’re absolutely covered in slugs and slug eggs. Covered. Obviously the dark, wet environment had created a slug hotel. So next year there will be copper tape employed.

Apart from that though I’m really happy and really glad I bought these.

So yup, I would recommend them.




  1. You mean to say you don’t have a recipe that uses the slugs.

  2. Well I haven’t perfected it yet 🙂

  3. so glad you’ve had success with the Quadgrow. Some of these tips might be helpful for getting rid of slugs! http://www.greenhousesensation.co.uk/protect-plants-from-slugs-and-snails

  4. Great advice thanks guys.

  5. Grew Marketmore cucumbers in mine this year wonderful crop could not keep up with them made lots of piccalilli. Tomatoes Alicante cropped superbly as have the Sweet 100 (but these plants were rampant and got out of control vbg) picked some of both on 31/10 but think they will be the last maybe? my chillies are 6ft tall and still cropping more than I can cope with, but my bell peppers were a disappointment, off 2 plants only 4 on each and 75% were wet and mushy just as they were changing colour, not going to grow them again. Going to try some Little Gem lettuce in the quadgrow thru the winter, you can only but try? Jan, Somerset

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