A garden update for August

It’s the end of August, summer is beginning to pass to make way for all the gorgeous colours of autumn and I guess that’s probably the perfect time to give you an update on the garden for this season so far and let you know how things have been with the new greenhouse.

I’ve probably done fewer updates this year than normal, but it’s not because there is nothing happening, it’s simply because there hasn’t really been anything new or exciting to tell you guys about, and I don’t want to bore you with lots of repeats.

The main thing this year has been that we are now one season in with our lovely glass greenhouse (named Olive).

The greenhouse update

So… apart from being way cleaner and prettier the new greenhouse is also fabulously less steamy and icky. Due to the extra vents along to two longer sides and the two automatic windows in the roof. So she doesn’t rely on me opening and closing things, she takes care of that all by herself! hurrah!

In terms of the plants in there, it’s the same as usual, we are growing tomatoes, peppers and chillies and the greenhouse is overfull. So no news there then 🙂

We have decided though, that we are not making the best use of the space, as it tends to be completely dominated by eatables (see aforementioned tomatoes) and this means we have been putting our flower plugs out far too early and not really getting the best from them. So we have decided that next year we will be making a change, and the greenhouse will be evenly split between fruit and veg and flowers. So that should be a fantastic new adventure to join us in. Ok if we are honest, we started without you guys. Sorry. We have already taken the seeds from our foxgloves and planted them up in seed trays. Can’t wait to see how they come on.

The raised beds

We are continuing to love having the courgettes outdoors, the plants just seem way happier and way more fruitfull, although as always we end up with marrows because we can’t keep up. Kate is actually making courgette fritters as I type to try to use up a batch I picked yesterday.

We replaced two of the beds this year and now have big, sturdy beds made with railway sleepers. The last bed had strawberries in there so it won’t get a refresh until spring. But it is so nice to not worry about the beds completely falling apart on us now.

The lawn

Now, I am super smug about the lawn. The lawn has been this year’s massive success story. Well to be fair, the fact that there was an issue was my fault, to begin with, but we’ll just gloss over that part and go, look…

from this…

to this…

You can go read the full story in previous posts, but I’m choosing to just bask in the success bit.

The flowers

This is just an excuse to post pictures of sunflowers.

Which are VERY tall

So, there we go, a quick update on the garden and the fun of this month. If you want a more in-depth look at things, grab a cuppa and sit back and watch the video update

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