And we finally have the gardens just how we want them

New beds in the front garden all planted up

Well the sun was splitting the pavements yesterday, as we say in Scotland, so we took the opportunity to get our final bits and pieces done in the gardens.

This is how the house looked when we moved in.

front of house

When we moved in last year we had little more than a red box surrounded by concrete. The previous owners had been elderly and weren’t able to keep on top of the huge gardens. And so had covered them over with a mixture of blocks and red stones.

I have to be honest; when Kathryn first showed me pictures of the house she wanted to view I wasn’t sure. It was characterless and I just couldn’t see past all that concrete but she convinced me to give it a try and I’m glad she did.

We started this time last year with the back garden. We put in some raised beds to grow veggies and put a greenhouse in the spot where the most run down shed was. Then we painted the fences and the second shed and planted up some flowers in pots.

There were still a lot of areas which could be improved so next we moved onto the front of the house.

There was no garden at the front at all, it had been completely covered over with red bricks which we lifted to create the flower beds and a lawn (almost killing ourselves in the process – next time, we’ll get a big burley bloke in).

We stopped there for last year as it was a lot of hard work and a lot of expense. But we picked it up again this year.

We removed the last areas of red stones from the back garden and planted up another four flower beds and then we did the same at the front of the house to create another two flower beds. Which run along the front of the house under the windows?

I just can’t believe the difference it makes, the house looks absolutely amazing so I’ve put a gallery of photos in to show you just some of the work we’ve done and basically to show off the gardens we are so proud of. You can click on any of the pictures to see bigger versions.

Next week, I start growing veggies again: 0)

New plants

This is what the front of the house looks like now.

new plants







We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

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About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.