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Starting seeds in early (indoors)


We’ve had so many folks contact us this month asking what they can grow now in their greenhouse or if they can sow certain seeds. And you know what, I’m not surprised by all the confusion out there because it feels like everywhere you look, folk are planting things or […]

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Make your own potting mix


Over the last week, I have been asked at least once a day for my recipe for potting soil. So I thought this was a good opportunity to share it with you guys, but also to talk about it and help us all get to grips with all the terms […]


SEEDANUARY 2021 let’s begin with seed viability

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Get the balloons, party poppers and streamers at the ready, season 2021 has begun. As always January for us is about getting ready for the coming season, usually beginning with the day in the warmth of the indoors, with a cuppa and a biscuit browsing seed catalogues and websites deciding […]