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Let’s talk tomato plants and stress

…and the stress I’m referring to is mostly that of the owner of said tomato plants. I have been seeing a whole heap of anxiety on social media over the last few weeks around tomato plants and the growers worry about how their plants fair against others. You know, the whole pressure of social media thing. So I thought it might be useful for me to use my little corner of social media to try to help alleviate some of the anxiety out there. Because, whether I had intended it or not, I...

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About us

We're Eli and Kate (to be honest, mostly Eli) a Scottish couple based on the east coast of Scotland.

Welcome to our urban garden where we grow fruit and veg, flowers and generally enjoy our garden.

We post vlog-style videos just about our general growing. We may occasionally do a tutorial but that's not the point of this channel so mostly it's just us trying to keep things very lighthearted and fun, so no serious stuff here and we absolutely don't follow all the supposed rules.

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