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Fun with a pasta machine

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Well this week has been a week of fun with the pasta machine, and just how versatile is a pasta machine? Well let me tell you. We’ll start with pasta… Ravioli with butternut squash filling Ok firstly, for those of you who fancy making pasta, it is dead easy, like […]

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Eating what you sow

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This week we thought we’d do you a wee update on the food we get from the garden rather than just lots of pictures of plants, although we will also be including pictures of plants of course The exciting news this week is that we are seeing our first tomatoes. […]

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Lunch for the aged parents


Kate’s mum and dad are visiting for lunch today so we thought we’d treat them to some garden delights (since they are blog fans). So today’s lunch will be stuffed chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham with baby carrots, sautéed potatoes and asparagus (asparagus not from the garden). So pictures? […]