Dealing with weeds the Kate way: with a butane torch

This blog posts has been at the back of my mind for a while but I think it’s probably that time of year now where it will be something you guys will be interested in, cause lets be honest… weeding sucks!

It’s boring, time-consuming, can be backbreaking and definitely kills your knees (and your nails). Then you turn around and the little buggers are back. So you think, why do I bother?

So, in true Ar bruadair style, we tested out some gadgets that might make your life better. Let us introduce you to the weed burner, Kate’s best friend.

What on earth is a weed burner?

It’s basically a butane torch that you use to burn weeds. Yup that simple.

Basically it’s a long handled torch with a dial to adjust the ferocity of the flame, and you can point it at a weed and burn. Good news on the whole organic, no adding chemicals to the soil of your plants, no scrabbling around on your knees and it’s quick.

Kate loves this, in fact, I have absolutely heard her cackle like a mad woman while she’s doing this and when questioned apparently it’s about not letting the grass win and grow in between her paving. She actually sounds scary when she does it.

One tip though, when we first started testing this out, we followed all the instructions about just giving each weed a few seconds and letting the heat burst the cells etc etc. Nonsense. This does not work, you need to incinerate the little buggers! That shows them who’s boss!

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