Enjoying your garden: gazebos


Have I mentioned that Kate and I love entertaining in our garden? Oh, I have? 🙂

A sunny day in the garden with friends, great food and something sparkly in your glass is a fantastic day. Living in Scotland, however, more often than not, the day gets rearranged at the last-minute due to unforeseen weather issues or worse, the heavens suddenly open and we all retreat indoors. Boo hiss!

The solution? Well, a shelter of course. Our garden doesn’t need a permanent shelter, however, as it’s rarely sunny and hot enough to require that. The big joke is that summer in Scotland is lovely, it’s usually a Wednesday. Yup, you guessed it, summer doesn’t last long here, well not summer as in loads of sunny days.  It just tends to mean it rains at least once, most days 🙁  So for us, the best shelter is something temporary that can be stored in the shed until it’s needed. A gazebo!

We’ve owned a variety of gazebos over the last few years, of varying sizes and colours and in most cases, they are a superb success. See the blog post of our wedding for evidence, where we had a 9-metre gazebo which we constructed a few days before the wedding – thankfully – and it gave 50 guests somewhere to shelter from the showers that day. It also looked gorgeous hung with bunting and coloured lights.






9 metres is not always the most practical though, not to mention a bit of a nightmare to construct.

We do have two much smaller gazebos, but they are the same design and definitely not something you can quickly throw up when you have an unexpected shower. So, we are ecstatic to announce that we have found a solution to this dreaded task (ask Dave or Luke what a pain in the neck it is to put up these gazebos), we recently bought our first pop-up gazebo and we are massively excited to share. Basically, the pop-up bit is the difference. This gazebo comes ready constructed and all works with a frame of scissor-like joints that mean you pull and it opens up. It’s fabulous. We bought a slightly cheaper one as we wanted to give it a try out and so didn’t want to shell out the extra 50 quid for the waterproof (as opposed to shower proof) version, but once we knew we were happy with our purchase, the ever practical Kate was on Amazon buying waterproofing to paint onto the canvas. It was important to do this as the showerproof works 9 times out of 10, but on that unlucky 10th occasion, it’s always poor Valerie who gets dripped on. Everytime!

It worked a treat (tested with a hose) so now we just need an excuse to put it up and party under it 🙂

This is the stuff we used for anyone who wants to try it out, basically look for stuff to waterproof tents.

Oh and just for fun… the old Gazebo (same size) used to take 2 of us around 20 minutes to put up.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page and see up put this one up in just under a minute!!!  Now that is something we can use when there is an unexpected shower!







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