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Finally, we have our dream kitchen

We finally have our new kitchen – hoorah!

I can’t tell you what a life-changing experience it is to finally have a kitchen where the worktops aren’t stabilised by bits of spare wood wedged between them and appliances or where you don’t smack your head off the boiler while you are chopping veggies and don’t get me started on having a proper sized fridge.

One of the things Kate and I used to do, way back, was dream about our perfect kitchen. We’d take trips to Ikea to buy furniture etc (and come out with random items we didn’t need with strange names) and we’d always mull around the kitchen area dreaming of our perfect kitchen and what we’d do once we had it. When we bought Ar Bruadair, we excitedly thought that this was our chance, but alas a broken boiler meant our kitchen savings went on replacing that. Boo hiss! So we made do and mended.

The original kitchen

Thing is, at first glance the original kitchen didn’t look too bad. Yeah, it was a bit bland and a little bit old fashioned, but it looked clean and usable. A new boiler was a priority cause trust me, you can’t so Scotland in winter with no heating and ours broke down in January, 3 days after we moved into the new house.

Sigh! Looks can be deceiving.  Wobbly worktops that moved an awful lot when you put any weight on them, units which weren’t actually fixed in place, kick plates which were installed upside down and backwards, not to mention the huge gaps between the countertop and the cooker which let food fall in and my favourite, em, quirk, was when you put anything round or cylindrical on the worktop, it rolled away from you, cause everything was on a slope.

Then there was the fact that what looked like lots of storage turned out to be hardly any storage. Corner cupboards were not, in fact, corner units and instead had huge gaps that allowed anything you stored there to fall out. This is just the practicalities of use, I’ve not even covered what it looked like close up.

But hey, this was the kitchen we had so we worked with it. A really good clean, using a steam cleaner, cause OMG it was filthy, in fact so filthy that the tiles weren’t actually that cornfield blue colour that they look in the photo, oh no, there was a thick layer of grease on every surface. The cleaning was the scariest part, just being made aware of how disgusting it all was, but not to fear. A few hours of cleaning and we had a skeleton to work with, a few tins of tile paint and some random bits of wood, glue, and screws. We prevailed.

A couple of hours and some masking tape and we had at least transformed the tiles giving the kitchen a slightly more modern look. Kate got to work with some random bits of wood, glue etc and managed to brace the worktops a little so that they didn’t move too much when we were cooking, well except maybe when I was kneading bread. So we kind of had a working kitchen. Not the dream kitchen we had hoped for, but hey a working kitchen is still a privilege a lot of people in this world don’t have so counting our blessings, right?! This kitchen has featured in so many of our recipe blog posts and lots of youtube cooking and brewing videos. It did the job.

Roll the clock a few years down the line and I can barely contain my excitement, you won’t believe the difference now.

  1. Storage, we have lots of storage. We went with tall units that reach almost to the ceiling. This plays two roles. You don’t have a pile of things on top of the cupboards, visible to the world as you desperately try to find somewhere to store those occasional use items.
  2. You don’t have that horrible greasy film build up on top of the cabinets.  Hooray!

We also moved the aforementioned boiler, so that it is no longer right in the middle of the wall and at my head height. It’s now sneakily hidden in a cupboard at the far end of the wall. Maximising the space we have to use.

We also have proper corner units! Things no longer fall out and there is just so much more space now, the whole kitchen just feels less cluttered, possibly because everything now has a home, rather than a make-do space.

We’re still in that new kitchen mind frame where we just find any excuse to be in the kitchen, its just such a lovely room now with the most relax feel to it. Cooking is such a pleasure now.

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