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Forget the elf on a shelf, this year you need a sock goblin

All the boring homes have an elf on the shelf… the best ones, have a sock goblin….

We have another cottage business for you this week to add to your christmas ideas. This week we want to introduce you to Mole End Sock Goblins, so-called because they are made from upcycled fabrics (including socks) in a cottage outside Humbie, called Mole End.

The goblins are the children of Luke, who creates each unique goblin using upcycled materials from old clothes etc. As I said, each little goblin is 100% unique, and even comes with an authentication label bearing their goblin name.

Meet Lagertha Lungbutter, a commission Luke made for me as a gift for Kate. She came complete with a sword and shield to protect our home from unwanted little folk.

If you are lucky enough to live locally (Lothian and borders), you might find Luke or at least the goblins in the local craft markets like Humbie winter market or the Buy Design Gallery in Harestanes.

Otherwise, pop along to their Instagram page to meet more of the little blighters.

Obviously, with these little guys being one of a kind, handmade gifts, commissions can’t be guaranteed now before christmas, but there are plenty of these little guys already looking for their forever homes.

Just be careful not to turn your back on them late at night…

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