We’ll it’s now officially autumn. Scary isn’t it? As I type it’s absolutely pelting down outside but it’s still warm enough that jackets are uncomfortable.

As you know from previous posts, we haven’t yet got around to growing any veg over the proper winter months but imag0319we do still have some veg going. We have a bed full of salad leaves and radishes and they’ll happily keep growing for a while yet.

There has been  a salad bed interloper though. Little cat footprints have appeared.



The beetroot is still going, although some are the size of children’s footballs, we really need to do something with them and of course we have loads of tomatoes and chillies still.



Speaking of tomatoes and chillies, that’s definitely been one of the highlights this year. The quadgrow watering system has definitely made a huge difference. I wasn’t sure about the claim to double your crop at first but realised the other day that we are still getting loads of tomatoes even though the weather has turned and we just haven’t been able to eat all the chillies were getting. The quadgrow has definitely been a good buy.

Flower wise this year has been a bit bland. The rotten weather early on in the year really had an effect on the growth and we just didn’t get the same amount of flowers, either budding or those that had appeared were destroyed by wind and rain.

The dahlias in particular which were a wealth of colour last year just got munched by slugs this year and the poor things gave up early on.  The two hydrangea are still going strong though.


So all in all not a horrendous year I suppose.

Some exciting plans for next year but you’ll have to wait to hear about that.




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