Major veggie update

We thought it was high time for a bit of a photo extravaganza for you to show you what’s going on in the garden.

So without further ado and with a fanfare…

Broccoli and sprouts

brassica beds

There were a bit of an experiment this year, we weren’t sure what to expect or to be honest just how much space they’d take up. However it’s looking good for purple broccoli.





purple sprouting broccolii


So what other exciting greenery can we show you? Well how about carrots?









carrots in bed




Although I should point out that the actual carrots are purple and yellow.





more courgettes

Actually wait a minute they are yellow.






Ok…. Beetroot

beetroot leaves







Oh I give up… How about I just show you lots of pictures of our fabulous veggies?

long shot of beds







And our herbs

herb bed










So… Tomatoes then?

tomato plants in greenhouse










The wait is on… 27th of July I’m having a BBQ as it’s my birthday weekend…. I’m planning to eat this lot.


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