Our first harvest is getting closer

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peasThings are getting quite exciting in the garden at the minute with the various veg beds and pots starting to show signs of what’s to come in the first harvest.

The biggest excitement just now is our peas – another newbie for us – having never grown peas before, I’m quite pleased at how easy they have been to grow and how happy they seem in the veg beds. We’re now starting to see the first pods and it’s a daily thing now to check and see if there are any which are edible yet. I can’t wait to try my first peas straight from the pod. Although Kate has said that I’ll be lucky to get any if she spots them first.

But it’s not just the peas which are springing to life, we’ve got a couple of courgettes starting to plump up too, both green and yellow although as usual the yellow ones are a good bit behind the green, they really are not so happy in the Scottish environment.

We usually get a glut of courgettes from two plants but I think I may have put them outside just a little bit too early this year as they do seem like the plants are smaller than usual and things are just a bit delayed. Lesson learned, don’t kick the courgettes out of the green house in March to make way for more tomatoes. Bad Eli.

Speaking of tomatoes, we have a greenhouse full of flowering tomato plants at the minute so it’s a guessing game as to how long it will be before we see our first little tomato forming.  it will be interesting to watch sizes and times for ripening as we have a couple of heritage plants going that produce large fruit so we will be able to watch these and compare them to the cherry tomatoes we always grow and see what happens.tomatoes

There is another piece of excitement at yet another first for us, we have some strawberries on the plants 😀  I am really excited about this and can’t wait for them to ripen. I have visions of eaten homegrown strawberries and drinking homemade champagne for the Wimbledon final.  Fingers crossed that the next two weeks are super sunny!



Last update for you… CUCAMELONS!!!

Yep these little blighters love the greenhouse and are growing at an alarming rate. It feels a bit like the other year when we grow pumpkins and they took over the greenhouse, only these little fellows are smaller but much quicker at putting out tendrils. I had to build them a wee climbing frame as they were wrapped around all my staging shelves, the brush, the lemon tree and a bottle of tomato feed. It’s like day of the triffods in there.





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