Propagation 101 – free plants

This week we finally managed to tackle the first video in what is going to be a series on propagation. It’s a topic that has been requested numerous times as we are all trying to save the pennies and reduce the small fortune we are all guilty of spending on our gardens.

Firstly though, I need to just put this out there, propagation is a huge topic, with lots of areas to get to know. Which I think is why it scares some folk. Also, if you try it and it doesn’t work, it is really disheartening. So with that in mind, I put my full teacher Eli hat on and I’ve broken the area of propagation down into smaller, common sense topics and we’ll be covering them in an order that lets you get comfortable with concepts and techniques before moving on and building on that learning.

So this week, we started with the most basic of concepts, nodes. What a node is and why it’s important. And to do that, I was out in the garden and in the greenhouse taking cuttings from my salvia – as it seemed to be the most requested plant cutting to discuss. I guess we all love our salvias and the fact that they don’t readily survive our winters in the UK means cuttings are a great way of keeping your plants going year on year.

So join us in the garden and lets chat propagation.

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