Spring Spring Spring Spring – do you get the idea? Spring is on its way. Honest!

Colin 2015It feels like such a long time ago since Kate and I posted the story of our very first seed planting and gardening session: Flowers and Fun with Eli and Kate and of course since then we’ve had first day of spring plantings but it’s always exciting and never gets dull.

In our last post you saw the work that had to be done before we could even begin to think about planting seeds for the upcoming year in our garden but happily that’s all complete and the planting begun today.

It’s still cold in Scotland, not winter cold but unless you’re in direct sun it’s still surprisingly nippy so we can’t go about planting seeds out in the veg beds yet. That however doesn’t mean there is nothing we can start on. The tomatoes and courgettes live in the greenhouse, well the courgettes do until June so there is no issue getting these started as long as the greenhouse is holding a little heat. We also got some of the flowers planted today so that these can be started off in the greenhouse and then out into the hanging baskets etc when the time is right.
paper potsOne of the things we said we were going to try this year was making our pots out of newspaper rather than buying lots of plastic pots for seedlings.

I gave this a try for the first time today and although it took a few goes to get it right, I think this might be the way forward, depending of course on if they hold together as the plants grow.

The main issue we came across was that we are pretty much a paper free house. We don’t do anything on paper let alone get a newspaper so Kate had to bring some home from work for me to use.

paper potsAll in today I think I made about 40 little pots, so quite a successful day. I planted up the Tomatoes, Courgettes (which as tradition dictates are labeled Colin,), Basil, Petunias, Aquilegia and Dahlias,

They are now nestled safely and slightly more warmly in a big propagator in the greenhouse.

Living in Scotland you have to try to find ways to give the temperature a boost, even when you have a greenhouse.


2015 seedlingsFolk down south will be planting up quite happily buy now and even planting out directly into the soil in a week or two. In Scotland however, we are still getting snow in March and frost until June so you learn to do what you can to extend the potting times you have.




propagator 2015

I think putting a heater in the greenhouse is a bit of a waste as the seals aren’t great and most of the heat would escape so I just have to make little havens of warm where I can.

Colin 2015





For those of those of you who haven’t been following the blog for long, I should explain the Colin thing, well maybe not explain as direct you.

And there’s more if you fancy reading them. Just search for Colin in the search box on the top right.

Planting seeds, however isn’t the only thing we’ve been doing. We’ve also turned the beds over and added fertilizer to give the soil a good feed ready for the veggies this year

turned over beds






pruned and tidies the flower beds

flower beds Feb 2015






hospital corner 2015 feb






Something interesting that we also noticed is how much some of the beds have come on.

From this

heather 2








To this

Heather bed 2015







We decided that as we’d out all this work in we deserved a reward, so a wee trip to our favourite bottle shop this afternoon and now we are happily sitting enjoying some of “The Beerhive’s” finest beer. Ah, life isn’t all hard work. We just can’t wait till summer when we can enjoy a beer in the garden again and appreciate all our hard work.




We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

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About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.