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Having fun with table settings


One of the things Kate and I both enjoy is having our dining table looking nice when we have a nice meal or invite friends over. Not exactly formal dinner settings but just a bit prettier than the every day. I think it goes back to when Kate and I first met and I used to look up fancy ways to fold napkins to impress her when I made dinner, we’ve kind of carried that on and we have all sorts of fun from it.

So, since we are now in the holiday season and lots of you will be entertaining friends and family, we thought we’d share some of our fun ideas for you to try out. I may even record some videos to show you how to fold napkins.

Casual and formal

I never set a formal table. Never. Reason being I want my guests to feel relaxed and have fun. I also hate all the clutter that goes with formal table settings. Take a look at this graphic I found online to give you an idea of what I mean about how fussy/cluttered a formal table can be and that’s before we talk about which fork you are meant to use. How quickly this would turn our 8 seater table into a 4 seater.

table setting guide

As I said, we always set a casual table, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring or not pretty.

Whether we are setting the table just for the two of us. Or if we are setting the table for having friends over. Our aim is always for a pretty but fun table setting. Even if we do sometimes overdo it with napkin folding.

Speaking of overdoing it with the napkins,as promised, here is a wee video to show you how you can make some seasonally appropriate napkins for  your table. Elf shoes and christmas trees.

Christmas themed napkin: the elf shoe


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