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Highs and lows in the garden 2016


We’ll it’s now officially autumn. Scary isn’t it? As I type it’s absolutely pelting down outside but it’s still warm enough that jackets are uncomfortable. As you know from previous posts, we haven’t yet got around to growing any veg over the proper winter months but we do still have […]


April comes and the garden springs to life


I know that the blog has been relatively quiet on the gardening front of recent but that definitely doesn’t means that nothing has been happening. Just that nothing unusual has been happening that I thought you may want to read about. Last year wasn’t a great year in terms of […]

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What’s cooking – a book review

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One of our big successes of 2014 wasn’t veggies we’d grown or even beer we’d brewed. It was quite simply that we tidied the shelf in the den creating space to organise our ever-growing pile of cookery books. Previously we’d kept the books in a messy pile in the living room […]

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A taste of California in Edinburgh


As much as we both absolutely love cooking at home, we are both keen on dining out and love trying new restaurants. For our anniversary treat, Kathryn took us out to try a fantastic little restaurant tucked away in one of Edinburgh’s trendy little streets. It’s a Californian restaurant, specialising […]