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The big quadgrow giveaway

Today I am putting a wee message out to all you guys in our awesome community to say thank you. We hit the 1000 subscriber mark on our youtube channel this week, which is a bit deal and we just wanted to say thank you so much, everyone.

We originally recorded videos just to put on this blog, but needed to find a place to host them, and so youtube came about. Since then, the channel has grown and grown and we now have the most amazing community between here and there.

So to say thank you, we have teamed up with Greenhouse Sensations who have offered a fantastic quadgrow to give away to one lucky community member. You guys know how much I love my quadgrows, so you know how enthusiastically I chat about them here and on videos.

Fancy the change to win yourself one of these little beauties? Then check out the video on youtube (below) for more details.

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  1. Congratulations…..

  2. Amazing achievement and here’s to your next 1000 subscribers:) Yep I played copycat last year when I watched your quadgrow review so I’m a VERY happy owner thanks to you. No more blossom-end rot and hurrah I can actually ignore the entire set up for the odd week away! However hey, although I’m an owner you can never have too many quadgrows especially if you go and buy a second greenhouse (doh) – I’m obsessed! Soo.. I’m planning delicious sungold and tigerella tomatoes in mine and I also need a home for blue tomatoes I grew from seeds that were generously donated to me (!) BUT there is definitely a slot in there for a cucamelon cos it’s just so darned funny to see a chum after a few G&Ts finding a mini watermelon in their drink. Keep the great videos coming Eli. I loved the recent capillary mat tip:)

  3. oh, quick then Annie… you need to go leave your comment under the youtube video to enter 🙂
    You’re not too late… go go go 🙂

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