The front garden looks amazing

Well finally, after all that hard work. The front garden is done.

We started with a completely monoblocked front garden. Nothing pretty about it, but you could park four cars there. That’s always a bonus but it wasn’t what we wanted. We wanted a proper garden with flowers and grass and somewhere to enjoy life.


This was what the house looked like when we moved in

So that’s where we began. Kate drew out some rough ideas to see what we could do.


After some mucking about, we decided that we would go for something a bit different, rather than the square lawns like everyone else in the street. ( our street is full of square lawns with willows or cherry blossoms in the centre)

Task one

We spent a morning with some chalk drawing out our ideas on the actual monoblock so we could get a proper idea of size. This was a good plan as once we saw the actual dimensions, we decided on some small tweaks, as to be honest…. the size scared us a little. Although we’re thankful it didn’t rain and wash our ideas away.

Task two

Once we knew what size and shape we were going for, we decided to start small, we lifted the monoblock to make space in the two corners so we could put some colour in to make a start on making it pretty.

Task three

This was the fun bit. We went and bought loads of plants that we liked in a mad afternoon in B&Q and then we came home and we built a rockery with loads of colours and different types of plants and  then on the opposite side of the garden we built a shrubbery with a little tree.

IMAG0113 IMAG0046







Task four

This was probably our big mistake. We left lifting the section for the lawn till last and it was hard going. We lifted 1500 blocks just for the lawn.

Out of all the garden work we’ve done so far, I think this was the hardest task, not because the blocks individually were heavy, but because there were so many and it wasn’t just about lifting them, we had to carry them through the driveway to the back garden and then stack them there out of the way so that we could work.

This was a long job, but thankfully a neighbour saw us and came across to lend us his wheel barrow. The neighbours here really are lovely.

We got the blocks lifted ok… But it left a huge big empty space.

We had to dig over all the soil in the huge space where the lawn was to go. That was the hardest job ever and at one point I thought I was going to collapse.

Ok so I suppose this is the bit you are all waiting for,… You just want to see photos of the finished garden don’t you?

So recap, just to make you wait.

We had a huge square blocked area. We created two flower gardens, one a rockery full of alpines and one a shrubbery with Kate’s tree.

The we lifted the space where the lawn will go and dug it over.








Well … Today… We finished it.



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About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.