And we’re off…. we have things growing – hurrah!

It’s probably just me, but I definitely feel like the weather changed on Friday (first day of spring) and generally, the garden just feels like it’s about to come to life. It’s like I can just feel the energy building out there. I took a walk around the garden with a gopro, so feel free to join me… or keep scrolling if you prefer the text version.

The first thing we did this year, well first major job anyway, was to finally replace that last raised bed. It had been left when we did the others last year because it was still full of strawberries. Then the weather got in the way and it just sat there, looking even sadder and more decrepit next to the other two, lovely, new sleeper beds. But hurrah it has finally been replaced and we now have three very sturdy beds, which we’re hoping will last a whole lot longer than the 8 years the others lasted.

I have to say, the last bed wasn’t nearly as difficult to do as the previous two. I don’t know if that was just experience, we are fitter or some combination of both, but thankfully no twingy back the next day and I was able to go to work… although that’s a whole other story.

Actually, thinking about it, I think it’s definitely experience that made things easier this year. When we did the very first bed, we tried to build it in situ. This meant getting it level and true was a serious amount of work (and the digging is what killed my back). This time, we build the two layers on the patio, making it easier to get it level. Then the carried each layer individually to position and levelled it up in place before adding the next layer and finally bolting them together. You can imagine how heavy each layer is.

Three lovely new raised beds made with railway sleepers.

Around the garden, we are starting to see the first splashes of colour, which is really exciting. Genuinely, I’m like an excited toddler. There’s not a massive amount at the moment, but one which has really got me feeling hopeful is our two trees at the bottom of the garden. You can really see the little pink buds now and I can’t wait till the trees are covered in blossoms.

We bought these last spring, so they were already in bloom when we got them, this year will be their first spring proper, in our garden. For these, we have to say a massive thank you Fenella who helped us pick them and gave us loads of brilliant advice on looking after them.

I just can’t help but be super excited by these

It’s not just the tree blossom however, the beds and hanging baskets are looking awesome too, with sweet williams, pansies, primroses etc all saying hello.

The other thing I am really pleased about is the hotbin composter. It has been sitting full over the winter, desperately needing emptied so we can get ready for the coming months. Replacing the raised bed gave me the chance to do just that, get it completely emptied and cleaned ready to go, and the lovely compost that was sitting in there is now mixed into the raised bed soil. Fabulous.

The very last thing I should tell you about I suppose is the greenhouse 🙂
For obvious reasons, being we only planted up in there a couple of weeks ago, the greenhouse is not exactly bursting just now. We do however have some new seedlings poking their heads through.

The beetroot are probably the most developed of the seedlings, these are actually quite recognisable as beetroot now. I think this is probably the whole “double bagging” thing with the propagators. They have been in a root trainer in a propagator so have probably had the most light and heat of all the seedlings.

But that’s not to say the little things are being left behind. If you are growing on with petunias with me, here are my tiny little petunia seedlings, just starting to appear. These are the ones I sowed in the video.

I think I’ll still be a few weeks yet before I’m even thinking about thinking things out or pricking out but it’s just fantastic to feel how alive the garden feels. Got a few other jobs needing done this weekend coming, got a planter to replace and a herb bed to build, but it’s been so long since we got some proper garden time that I don’t care about the chores, I just want to be out there.

We also have a new visitor, this little guy has come twice to eat from the feeder in the lawn….. I’m unbearably excited over this….

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We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

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  • Lovely to see your garden starting to sprout. You’ve reminded me to get going on veg like beetroot for planting out later. Thank you!

About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.