Kate and I are finally moving up in the world and moving out… look out suburbia, here we come.

We’ve got a new house out in Musselburgh which is a wee town on the east coast of Scotland, not far from Edinburgh. It’s dead exciting.

It needs a wee bit of work, but nothing big, just some sprucing up and it’ll be nice to be able to make our mark on things, rather than just move into someone else’s tastes.


This is the front of the house, it’s on a quiet wee cul de sac and all the neighbours seem lovely.


This is the back garden which is something I am excited about. I’m looking forward to creating a garden where I can try my hand at growing veggies and Kate is excited about growing flowers (she had a dream about hanging baskets but don’t tell anyone she’s dreaming about flowers shhhhh!)

There are two sheds, both of which need a fair bit of love, but I plan to replace one with a greenhouse mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

We have named the house “Ar Bruadair” which is Scottish Gaelic for our dream.



Having fun in suburbia.
Growing our own, baking our own, brewing our own and generally enjoying life to the full.

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