We’re doing a wee giveaway on youtube

Hello hello everyone. A very quick update for you as we didn’t want you guys to miss out on the fun. Our youtube channel hit a wee milestone recently (5000 subscribers) and we are having a wee celebration.

In this weekend’s video on youtube, we are doing a wee giveaway for two lucky gardeners. We’ve teamed up with Quickcrop UK to give two of you guys £50 vouchers each to spend on anything you want for your garden over on the Quickcrop UK website:

Quickcrop is one of the companies we use for some of our garden bits and bobs. It’s where we got those big hinged raised bed covers that we absolutely love.

All the details of how to win will be in Sunday’s video (2PM GMT) so make sure to pop on there and check it out. If you haven’t visited our youtube channel before, here’s the handy dandy link:

And don’t be disheartened if you don’t win, they are also giving everyone 10% off with this code ELIANDKATE just add it at the checkout when you are shopping 😀

See you Sunday folks

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