Winter is coming

1379628_10151986545584319_1217562309_nToday was the last harvest day of the year, time to dig up the last of the root veg and empty the beds ready for winter.

We did not bad considering it’s October, we got a good haul of carrots (which are destined for Kate’s Carrot and orange soup) and a few decent sized beetroots, which if you’re a regular blog reader you will know that these will get roasted as I’m a massive roasted beetroot fan.

I’ll maybe roast these up and add them to our wraps for lunch tomorrow.

We’ve said that this is the last harvest of 2013 although that’s not strictly true as we are still getting a few tomatoes, but you kinda get our idea.

There was one big fail this year though, something we didn’t get a single harvest from, our sprouts. Unfortunately we learned a valuable lesson this year, at the expense of my dream of having Christmas dinner from our own garden. You just cannot grow brassicas without covering them over with a net. The cabbage moths are a nightmare.

munched srouts

I thought as long as we were vigilant and kept on top of things we’d be OK. Well unfortunately I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even with us chasing off any moths we’ve seen and picking off caterpillars and eggs, the Brussels sprouts were desecrated.

Not only do the caterpillars eat every bit of leaf they can get too, they also weaken and kill off the plant, in this case the leaves and stalks were all falling off meaning the areas where the sprouts grow was exposed and damaged.

I’m really disappointed, but I’ve learned and if we choose to try again next year at least I know exactly how I have to deal with things.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s October and you should see how nice the garden still looks. We still have lots of colour and texture out there.

The beds we put in this year are all still full of colour and we’re quite excited now to see what happens with them next year as there were some bulbs and things which didn’t come up this year (as it’s the first year) so just how amazing will it look next year.


fence bedsWe’ve had a fantastic year for gladioli, the beautiful burst of red and purple flowers have been such a success but the best is yet to come as we had the same amount again that didn’t flower this year. I can’t wait. We are still enjoying them, so how amazing is next year going to be? We also had some stunning hanging baskets and some of them are still flowering as you can see. Looking out the French doors into the back garden is a stunning view at the minute and I have to keep pinching myself and saying, “its October!!!”

There’s just one more photo I want to share with you before I leave you to think about winter, Christmas and then the best bit of the year, spring and what next year’s garden will bring.

One of the hanging baskets on the fence has the most amazing geraniums in it, surprisingly as everything else in that basket has died off, but these have come back for a second round of wow!




hanging baskets fenceYes they really are that amazing shocking pink!

So there you go, our garden surprises for this year. I’m starting to think and plan for next year already (which Fiach will be having a good chuckle at), but I like to be organised, I’m definitely the girl with the plan. It helps too. I spoke before about the effect winter has on me and to be honest I can almost feel the dark creeping in around me, but having the garden and being able to plan for spring is a good thing. It keeps the good stuff alive and works as an everyday reminder that winter isn’t actually that long and there are all the good things to look forward to like thanksgiving at Mole end and Christmas and hey, when spring comes, things will burst to life in the garden, the birds will come back to the bird table and I’ll make Saison beer to celebrate.

It’s all good.




We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

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About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.

About Us


We are Kate and Eli and we love gardening, growing veggies and cooking.