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Yumbox review


A few months back after we blogged about our fun with packed lunches. We were asked to try out a lunch box for the purposes of a review. We have actually been using the lunch box regularly, but due to studies I just haven’t time to write a review. So apologies as I know a few of you have been looking out for this.

Yumbox – a lunch box review

The yumbox is an American product designed to help provide portion control in kids lunches but it now comes in an adult version as well as the kids one. We were given the adult box to try out. It’s called the panino yumbox.

It has 4 compartments;

  • 1 large one which fits a SMALL sandwich,
  • 2 smaller compartments and
  • a little dipping sauce section.

I say small sandwich because I found this misleading on a lot of the reviews. A normal size sandwich has to be squished in a bit but if you cut the crusts off it fits fine. It annoys me when reviews are misleading so I want to make it clear, a normal sized, sliced, white bread sandwich will be a tad too big.

The little compartments are great for some nibbly crackers or fruit or yoghurt although the lunch box isn’t very deep, so a cupcake of muffin will be squished a little too but just a little.

So what did we think?

Well, the first thing I want to comment on is that yum boxes are marketed as leak proof and you know my thing about claims of leak proof. The marketing materials do point out that the box is meant to be leak proof against things like yoghurt, not necessarily water, so at least they are honest. I will put my neck on the line though and say, yup, very happy that the little compartments in this box don’t leak. Kate has been taking yoghurt into work every day and there hasn’t been a single “incident of leakage”. So thumbs up on that one. In fact, Kate was so impressed with the box after one day of use (and her yoghurt) that she bought another so we had one each. She loves the fact that she can carry her entire lunch in one box.

Please note that the bagel in this photo is a small bagel and not a standard size shop bought bagel.

It’s a good strong box, feels like it will last. The catch that holds it shut is easy enough to undo but also feels like it will hold secure and not accidently undo if it catches on something in your bag. This is a good thing. Speaking of bags, one of the things that Kate really loves about this box is its size. It’s slightly smaller than our other “book style” lunch box, and this means it fits into our bike bags much nicer, it actually lies flat on the bottom of the bag, which our other lunch boxes don’t. Also, because the compartments are jst the right size, things don’t get rattled around and end up mishappen. This used to happen a lot with our book lunch box.

Now I have to comment on one test I did.  Given that the box has little compartments for different foods, I wondered if the compartments were not only leakproof but also would stop smells transferring. So…. in one compartment I put a little bite-sized chocolate muffin, in another a little meat snack which is strongly seasoned with things like garlic. The test being, would my mini muffin smell of garlic by lunch time?

Beige lunch. Sandwiches are made with a small sized loaf.

The result – a categorical NOPE! The muffin stayed muffiny and lovely and the garlic didn’t ruin it. Very happy Eli.

So in a nutshell, yup we are big fans of this box and are happy to recommend it with one caveat, though, I suspect it wouldn’t hold enough food for a blokey lunch. It’s a proper little portion control demon.

Some things I should point out though, in case you are considering it. This is a lunch box for cold foods. It isn’t designed to be put in the microwave and isn’t insulated so won’t keep foods either hot or cold. It’s just a great box for holding all your lunch items in. But that being said, we are big fans.


Fancy getting yourself a yumbox: http://www.eatwell-uk.co.uk/yumbox/


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